VISION2025 from Now

The unchanged spirit. The creativity
that generates innovation.
And the diversity that embodies all possibilities.
The future of Doshisha is developed by the trinity
of these elements that we are proud of.

We live in a time of confusions when we frequently witness existing frameworks collapsing and new values emerging.
That is why we went back to the significance of the unchanged spirit that we have been passing on from generation to generation.
Joseph Hardy Neesima dedicated himself to the realization of his ideals in the turbulent times of Meiji Period.
Reviving Neesima’s spirit in the present day and integrating it with innovative creativity, VISION 2025 is a statement of us Doshisha people who are committed to opening up a new era.
With our dedication to innovation and discovery, Doshisha University now takes a great leap forward into the future.

What’s VISION2025

The founder, Joseph Hardy Neesima, said that it takes 200 years to achieve his "vision".
VISION2025 is a milestone toward the realization of the "ideal education."
They show what Doshisha University should look like on its 150th anniversary.
Neesima's spirit are expressed in 6 visions, which are prioritized for the year 2025.
VISION2025 is the rudder that will lead Doshisha University to the path we should take.



Pioneer new learning methods

We continue to focus on our curriculum that encourages students to learn autonomously, for instance by instilling problem-solving skills and providing internship opportunities.Elsewhere,leadership programs and revitalized postgraduate curricula enable motivated students to develop their capabilities and seek new paths in an age of uncertainty.

  • Global education and learning rooted in the community
  • Updating of graduate school programs


Improve the quality of campus life

Through sports, cultural activities, social outreach and other extracurricular activities, strongerties with the community, an extensive range of scholarships for local and international students, as well as student accommodation facilities, we strive to create a richly dlverse campus in both tangible and intangible ways.

  • A diverse range of people active in a variety of ways on campus
  • Restructuring of financial assistance scheme


Advance creativity and collaboration in research

As a comprehensive seat of learning with more than 800 academic researchers spanning numerous fields,we seek new discoveries by combining insights from multiple disciplines. Partnerships with governments and businesses on a global scale combined with technology transfer also help to enhance our capacity for ground-breaking research.

  • Strategic application of “vitalization” initiatives to research activities
  • Research activities subject to evaluation of “vitality”


Welcome motivated students

To attract talented students from different places and backgrounds, we are revising our entrance examination process. Our tests will evaluate applicants' prior efforts and outcomes, as well as their motivation. To that end, we will incorporate international education programs and foreign language tests and examinations and entrance examinations for those who have studied overseas.

  • Expand programs to help link high schools and universities
  • Restructuring the student selection system


Further evolve internationalism

We aim to be a genuinely international university. To that end, we constantly strive to offer more opportunities for overseas study, as illustrated by the opening of our EU campus in Tubingen, Germany,in 2017. Also, we want to raise the percentage of our students studying overseas to 30% and the percentage of international students overall to 13%.

  • Nurturing a genuinely global mindset among students
  • Strategic expansion of our international network


Develop our brand strategy

We boast an effective PR regime, including highly active social media accounts. Moreover, we encourage alumni to take pride in their alma mater, for instance by promoting life-long ties not just among graduates but also by promoting interaction with current students.

  • Ongoing enhancement of branding activities
  • Life-long ties with alumni