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2021.10.18VISION5Further evolve internationalism

Report: “Let’s learn about Japanese chopsticks -Make eco-friendly chopstick rest-” (presented by SIED)

On October 18th (Mon.), we held an international student office event: “Let’s learn about Japanese chopsticks ~Make eco-friendly chopstick rest ~" 2 international students and 4 local students joined this event. We produced this event to provide a chance to think about chopsticks and promote interaction between foreign and local students through making chopstick rests. To begin with, we made two groups and had time to exchange our views for chopsticks.

After that, one of the SIED staff presented the history of chopsticks and the differences between Japanese chopsticks to chopsticks in other areas. Also, we made crane-shaped chopstick rests from chopstick bags. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we set partitions on the tables, but participants talked actively about chopsticks and table manners. Some participants tried to make not only cranes but also ribbon, dachshund, rabbit-shaped chopstick rests. Please try again when you eat!

SIED will produce a lot of intercultural events which you want to join. We are looking for meeting you at other events.