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2022.05.18VISION5Further evolve internationalism

"Makng Japanese Fabric Flower" (presented by SIED)

Hello, this is SIED!
On Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, at the International Community Lounge, SIED held an event "Makng Japanese Fabric Flower"!

A total of 10 people (4 international students and 6 local students) participated in the event!
"Tsumamizaiku" is works created by pinching and folding small pieces of cloth. This time, participants created flower-shaped "tsumazaiku". They used a variety of fabrics, including floral, checkered, anime, and chirimen-style fabrics! It was the first experience to create tsumamizaiku for almost everyone, but they got used to making them soon and enjoyed it. They also had their own unique combination of fabrics and showed their personalities on tsumamizaiku.
The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed from start to finish of the event, and the ice break, in which participants introduced themselves as well as asked what kind of flowers and fabrics they used, was very exciting for them. After the event, we had many comments such as "It was fun!" "I talked a lot with other international and local students!" from participants. We are very happy to hear such comments :)

SIED will continue to take thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection and plan various international exchange events. We look forward to your participation !