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Spaces and Echoes: Scientists Reveal What Bats “See” through Sound

TESHIMA Yu, doctoral student at the Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences, HIRYU Shizuko, professor at the Graduate School of Life and Medical Sciences, Department of Biomedical Information, TSUCHIYA Takao, professor at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and their colleagues, in collaboration with the Hiroshima University, showed that bats perceive space differently through echolocation than humans do visually.
In their research, TESHIMA et al. succeeded in reproducing and measuring the echoes perceived by bats during flight, by using a combination of simulation and behavioral experiments. These findings not only reveal how bats navigate even through complex environments with obstacles, but also lay the foundation for more efficient echo-sensing in various engineering applications.

This achievement has been featured in the “EurekAlert!”.
Spaces and echoes: Scientists reveal what bats “see” through sound (EurekAlert!)

"Analysis of echolocation behavior of bats in “echo space” using acoustic simulation" (BMC Biology, 14 March 2022, doi:10.1186/s12915-022-01253-y)
Yu Teshima*, Yasufumi Yamada, Takao Tsuchiya, Olga Heim, Shizuko Hiryu

A comparison of actual versus simulated flight space for the bats
Image courtesy: Yu Teshima, Takao Tsuchiya, and Shizuko Hiryu from Doshisha University
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