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2022.10.16VISION5Further evolve internationalism

“Nara Walking Tour” (presented by SIED)

On 16th October (Sun.), SIED held the “Nara Walking Tour” as a welcoming event around Nara Park in Nara prefecture. Ten international students and three local students participated in this event.
Touring historical heritages such as Todaiji and Kofukuji, we enjoyed ourselves interculturally.

At the beginning of the event, we introduced each other, surrounded by a lot of deer. Then, we went to Todaiji Nandaimon and saw Kongorikishizo, a pair of powerful statues. We also toured Todaiji Daibutsu-den, the great Buddha hall, and were amazed at the giant Daibutsu, Vairocana Buddha, and learned ancient Japanese history from exhibitions. Also, a few participants drew fortune.
After that, we went to Nara Park to feed crackers to deer and visited various souvenir shops on the street. Students seemed to enjoy the intercultural exchange.
It was a perfect day for walking, so we toured Nara Park relaxingly with chatting together in Japanese and also English. Some became friends and exchanged their contact info, they seemed to get along with students with different backgrounds.
During the fall semester, more and more international students came to Doshisha university and participated in SIED events. This event provided an enjoyable opportunity to get to know each other for both international students and local students.

SIED will plan various intercultural events, taking measures to prevent COVID-19. We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.